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New York Times Bestseller!
Children's Paperbacks 2007

Peggy is a New York Times best-selling children's author. When she is not writing for children, Peggy enjoys speaking to young people and adults in schools and libraries. Her website is filled with useful resources for young writers. She now lives in O'Fallon, Missouri.

Peggy Archer

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I enjoyed writing as a child, but it was not until I had children of my own that I began to write with the thought of being published. It was especially fitting that my first book was a Little Golden Book, since my favorite books as a child were the Little Golden Books that my mother read to me.
I read and write fiction, poetry, and non-fiction for children. If you're ever bored, or just feeling a bit down, my advice to you is to spend some time around kids for awhile. I feel fortunate to be a part of their world.                  ~Peggy Archer