We can do most rosary repairs, including replacement or substitution of missing beads or components. We need to evaluate each rosary before giving a final cost for the repair. Most repairs are under $30.  Please see the following instructions for sending us a rosary for repair:

  • We recommend sending rosaries to be repaired in either a padded mailer or box.  Make sure the rosaries are packed well so they do not move around inside, but please do not use tape or other adhesive to secure the rosary in the package as this can harm the finish on beads and/or metal parts.
  • Please include your Name & Email Address, and any information or special instructions you have for the rosary.  Make sure the email address is typed or written clearly so that we can easily contact you.
  • Depending on the value of the rosary, you may wish to insure the package and add a Confirmation of Delivery for your own peace of mind to know that the rosary reached us safely.

814 South Main St.

St. Charles, MO 63301

(636) 493-1121

Rosary Repair Services

Mail the package to the following address: 

Butterfly & Moon
814 South Main Street 
St. Charles, MO 63301

Please allow 1-3 days after receiving the package for us to estimate the repair cost of your rosary.  We will contact you with the estimate.  If you do not hear from us after a significant period of time, please check your junk email folder and/or contact us.  Depending on how simple or complicated the task involved for repairing the sacred piece, we estimate 10 days - 2 weeks to complete a repair.

If we do not hear from you in 10 days from us contacting you, we will presume that you are donating your item. If you have old/broken rosaries, rosary parts or entire rosaries, (or other jewelry of any kind!) - their donation would benefit our Dream Uplifters scholarship fund for women going back to college. Please send them to the address above. We would be most grateful for the donation!