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Molly Nesham

Beyond The Best 2016 Award

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Teas by the Jar

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• Apricot Meadows (Decaf)                                             
• Blueberry Basil (Decaf)     
• Black & Blueberry (Black)  

• Caramel Apple Chai (Decaf)                                                     
• Cranberry Almond                                 
• Chocolate Mint (Green)                                   
• Dreamsicle – Orange/Vanilla (Red/Herbal)
• Earl Grey (Black)                                                  
• French Vanilla (Black)  

• Golden Chestnut (Black)  
• Lavender Mint (Decaf)  

• Lily – Rose Petals/Mango/Pineapple (White)

​• Liber-Tea (Green)

      June Tea-of-the-Month


Brenda, Patrice and Molly Nesham, 

(The Tea Lady)

Click here to hear The Tea Lady's interview on Brenda's show "Alive to Thrive".


Healthy Momma Tea Gift Set

Perfect for Mother's Day or for any day of the year, this tea gift set includes 7 different teas:

• Mango Tango (Green) 
​​• Morning Energy

• Peachy Keen                                
• Perfect Pear (White)
• Peppermint Kiss (Black)
• Pumpkin Spice (Black)

• Pumpkin Pie Chai (Decaf)
• Red Velvet Chai (Black)

• Sassy Cinnamon (Black)
• Chocolate Covered Strawberry (Black)
• Strawberry Peach (Decaf)

• Sweet Dreams

​• Sugar Cookie (Decaf)

• Turtle Caramel (Black)

​• Winter Chamomile (Decaf)          

​​​Our Tea Lady is a celebrity!

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